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Tecumseh Carburetors

Welcome to this site where you will find information on Tecumseh Carburetor, who supply products like lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow throwers, tillers and other outdoor power equipments. They have been in this business since 1934. Raymond Herrick who started the company was a very well qualified, skilled and experienced machinist who has also worked with Henry Ford.

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He gathered all the knowledge of the assembly line. In 2007 Tecumseh Products Company sold the Tecumseh Power engine manufacturing division to Platinum Equity LLC who sold the parts rights to Certified Parts Corporation in 2009. Since 2008 only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Tecumseh parts are still available for purchase bearing the Tecumseh brand name. This site offers all information on the Tecumseh Carburetor to help you solve any problems you may have.

If you are looking for information about such products and equipments you have come to the right place. Below, you will find the required information about each carburetor that Tecumseh ever manufactured. This information will help you to distinguish between each model. Not only Tecumseh, we also provide information about many other carburetor. Our main aim is to ensure consistent flow of information about Tecumseh small engines and the related carburetors.

How to Identify a Tecumseh Carburetor Parts:

To identify the right Carburetor it is important to know all the distinguished facts and features of  Tecumseh Tecumseh Carburetor so that you can separate best from the rest.

First series of Carburetors includes Dual System Carburetors

With a large prime bulb placed on side of the carburetor Tecumseh dual system puts into use best 4-cycle crankshaft rotary mower.

Series 1 Carburetor

There are a variety of styles that are easily available in this category. Series 1 Series 1 comes in both the 2 cycle and 4 cycle variants with vertical and horizontal shaft engines that ranges from 2 to 4 Horse Power range. As compared to series 3 and series 4 these have a smaller venturi.

Available in float style a distinguished fact which set apart this series from all other variants is the provision of an adjustable idle in some models and main while remaining has a similar fixed main provided with an easy to adjustable idle. The application with fixed speed comes only with fixed main system whereas the drill option remains unavailable in the idle system. If you are using this carburetor after a long time, then make sure that it is cleaned with a high quality and recommended cleaner so that dust and varnish can be removed.

Series 1 Emission

Similar to standard series 1 carburetor, the emission equivalent in this series has a fixed idle as well as main. When it is in use, the cap on idle restrictor jet is removed Series 1 Emissionotherwise it remains on whole time. For identification purpose you can easily look for the fixed main jet that is a part of bowl nut in the model. Aball plug seals the passage and is easily visible from the bottom. Another added feature of this carburetor includes serviceable main nozzle emulsion tube.

Series 2 Carburetors

Mainly used for on outboards engines, series 2 are yet another entry into the list of carburetors. As compared to series 1 these are quite similar with only difference Series 2being that it comes with a remotely adjust idle mix screw along with an in built fuel pump.

Inside the fuel pump, element alternately inflates and then deflates with the pulsations of crankcase that would alternately open and close the flap valves inside. During installation of the fuel pump’s element, it is really important to take care of the slop opening angle that must be somewhere around 45 degrees for proper installation. It has been observed that deviation from this angle can damage the diaphragm.

Series 3 and Series 4 carburetors

Mainly used on 8 through 12.5 horsepower in 4-cycle engines in these carburetors, the Series 3 and Series 4venturi size is bigger than that of series 1 and dual system carburetors. Identification mark is the presence of bosses, symbolic on each side of an idle mixture screw.

Series 3 and Series 4 Emission

Series 3 and 4 come with really delicate piece of distinction and these Series 3 and Series 4 Emissiongenerally come with emission equivalent that has a fixed idle as well as main. The idle restrictor of these carburetor comes with a cap that is removed as soon as the machine comes in use. Few features like fixed main jet along with bowl nut, Aball plug as well as serviceable main nozzle emulsion tube remains same as in the series 1 emission.

The major point of difference among series 3 and Series 3 and 4series 4 lies on the fact that in series 3 one screw is on the throttle and choke plates whereas series 4 comes with two screws on throttle as well as choke plates.

Vector Carburetors

A Vector Carburetor is a non-adjustable float feed having 1 piece extruded Vectormetallic aluminum body. All the components of these type of carburetors like float bowl, fuel bowl, needle, float, nozzle and venturi , seat and nozzle emulsion tube can easily be serviced without any need to remove the entire carburetor body out from the engine.

Series 6 carburetors – 4 Cycle

This series of carburetors comes with each 2 and 4-cycle engines. As compared to dual Series 6 Carburetor - 4 Cyclesystem carburetors, their venturi is comparatively larger and these make uses of a simple idle system. With all nonadjustable variants, their 4 cycle version comes with a provision of a stepped primer bulb.

Series 6 carburetors 2-cycle

Mainly used on TVS/TVXL840 engines series 6 are quite similar in looks as well as the operation mechanism of the carburetors mainly used in case of 4 cycle Series 6 Carburetor - 2 cycleengines. However few basic difference points are:

1 Identified by a typical L stamp present on the nut, the bowl nut is on left hand thread.

2 In order to reduce erratic float travel, there is a provision of a damping spring that is set up on a float hinge pin.

3 The two mounting bosses that extend outwards from body of the carburetor.

Series 7 carburetor (Emission)

Mainly put to use in case of medium sized frame overhead valve engines with a vertical shaft, series 7 forms efficient emission grade carburetor. Tecumseh series 7 carburetor parts Series 7 Carburetors (Emission) comes with mounted main as well as idle jets that are ideally placed within the bowl of the carburetor. Basically all the parts can be serviced without any need to remove whole carburetor body out of the engine.

Series 8 (Emission)

Series 8 comes with both mounted as well as main idle circuit. By means of a Series 8 (Emission)restrictor jet, the fixed idle setup has been made possible. Alike all the other series a models Cap feature on idle restrictor jet can also be traced down in this model. Additionally, these types also include the feature of being able to service the main nozzle within the emulsion tube along with a stepped primer bulb.

Series 9 Carburetor

Tecumseh carburetor series 9 is an associated emission that makes use of identical carburetor body Series 9 as that in the case of series 8 however with a common mounted idle system that is identical to the one used in the case of series 6. A unique feature of these series includes a discharge port that is ideally located exactly at the 7 ‘o’ clock position on the throttle ending of that particular carburetor.

This series can easily be identified by the unique ability to service the main nozzle within the emulsion tube, stepped primer bulb and the provision of a non-drilled idle inter mixture well. These unique feature makes this carburetor different from others.

Series 10 (Emission)

With a great similarity to series 8, the series 10 has a slight Series 10 (Emission) difference with just an addition of choke. A fixed idle main feature is also been provided to assist easy start during cold weather.

Series 11

Series 11 has a provision of fuel chamber, assembled to the carburetor from Series 11 Carburetor where fuel is fed into the venture throughout the starting warm up period. The feature has been introduced mainly to eliminate surging, hunting, and false starts and has proven out to be of quite a use in eliminating these. A black restrictor cap can easily be used for the identification purpose. The gray is 640053 whereas640200 is part number.

Series 11 Bridged

These are almost identical with series 11 carburetor and an exception of the center leg.

Carburetor Cleansing Series 11 and Series 11 Bridged

One of the most striking features includes the metering jet that can easily be seen upon Series 11 Bridged fuel well removal but Welch plug is a non-serviceable portion. Most likely preference had always been to soak a carburetor not more than half an hour but series 11 is the exception. For safe working, it is important to service all Tecumseh Power carburetors keeping in mind carburetor safety # 696410 making use of a .012’’ (.304 mm) gauge wire.

Tecumseh Carburetors Adjustment:

Dellorto Carburetor

These types of carburetors possess a great similarity with the dual system carburetor. It’s Dellorto no adjustments offers a primer assisted starting, a non corroding float with a viton tipped needle. The fuel inlet angle is completely adjustable. Fuel inlet angle is connected to the body of carburetor making use of a banjo bolt. Most common use of these series is found in TVS rotary lawnmower engines.

Walbro LMK Carburetor

These come with a fixed main, bigger venturi along with an idle that can Walbro LMK easily be adjusted. Few outstanding features includes a non-metallic choke shaft, non corroding float and a very useful viton tipped needle. Walbro name can easily be found on the body of carburetor and founds application on plenty of OHV engines.

Walbro WHG Carburetor

With an option of easy to be designed on fully easy to adjust, single adjust or non-Walbro WHG adjustable carburetor these comes with a large venturi. One of the best features to recognize these types are the large square mountings surface that can be located on the choke end. Best application is its use on OH cast iron engines.

Diaphragm Carburetors:

One of the striking features of this type is that as compared to float style carburetors, Diaphragm diaphragm can easily be operated at even severe angles. These type of carburetors lack fuel bowl and need fuel supply to be situated at a position from where it can be gravity fed. Moreover, you need to make sure that high quality synthetic fuel is used. This will help you to get optimum performance as well as smooth working of the engine.

WTA Walbro Carburetor

These have a distinguished rubber type diaphragm that remains open to atmospheric WTA Walbro pressure on one side and intake pressure on the other. On TC200 and 300 engines WTA is put to use. Additional features include a choke with a complete metal fuel inlet fit.

WT Walbro Carburetor

The WT Walbro put to use mainly for TC-II type of carburetor. This type of WT Carburetor carburetor comes with no choke lever and also has a combining plastic along with metal fuel inlet fitting.

Tillotson HU Carburetor

Mainly used in the case of TC-II. It can comes with a main that can Tillotson HU easily be replaced and an easily visible Tillotson on the pump cover.

Tecumseh Power TC Carburetor

These comes with a fixed idle along with a main that easily meets all Tecumseh Power Carburetor the emission standards of two cycle engines. Serviceable main jet is easily accessible after removing the plastic cap. As a compliance with the emission regulations, the jet must be covered after cleaning. If not covered after cleaning, external moisture and dirt can cause the carburetor to stop functioning and the engine will also become inactive.


The information is quite useful for all your future reference related to carburetors and information can easily be used to enhance you knowledge as well. It has been advised that users must not repair any Tecumseh part on own and refer to the user manual provided with the product. In case you need some serious help, refer to the warranty at dealer of shipping company. These are the best suited carburetors based on quality as well as price.