Help with Identifying a Tecumseh Carburetor


I own an old MTD Snow Blower with a Tecumseh carburetor mounted to the engine.  The Engine is a H-80 tecumseh engine.  I have notice a small hole in the fuel float and would like to buy a repair kit to get my kit up and running again.  The only identification numbers stamped on the carburetor is 153C2R.




Hi Jim,

Your carburetor is a Walbro LME-49 and has the following Tecumseh Service Number: 631660.

For future use you can identify your carburetor type and Tecumseh Service Number from our charts here.  All you need is the code stamped on the carburetor body.

For an exploded parts list for please find your exact one here: 631660.

We have all Tecumseh Carburetor exploded parts lists and diagrams found in Tecumseh Parts.