Tecumseh HM100

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Tecumseh HM100

The Tecumseh HM100 engine was a widely used medium sized horizontal engine in the last few decades. It is a reliable, lightweight four-stoke engine offering a suited torque range for most snowblower, generator and lawn mower applications. This engine offers a soft pull recoil starter and electronic capacitor discharge ignition system. The model has a light weight plastic fuel tank, so does not suffer from rust. The engine is certified EPA Level 2 and CARB tier 2. Mainly, it is a small engine but is famous for delivering power packed performance. Consistent and regular maintenance can help you to get optimum performance.

Tecumseh HM 100 is one of the trustworthy, insubstantial and largely used engines. It is a medium sized engine utilized for the previous few decades. It is 4 stroke engines that suit the wide range of snow kings, generators and lawn mowing equipments. The locomotive offers flexible pull move back starter and electrical capacitor release explosion system.

This model has a plastic fuel tank that is free from any kind of rusting issue. While greasing the cylinder, fuel may scatter from spark plug opening. This may cause serious injuries. One should be careful to avoid any type of serious injury. The best thing about Tecumseh HM100 engine is that it delivers very smooth performance and can be easily used under extreme weather and hostile conditions. The plastic tank is made of high quality light weight plastic. Regular maintenance of Tecumseh engine ensures longer life and high durability.

Bore & Stoke3.125" x 2.532"
Displacement21.82 cu in
Oil Capacity26 oz
Weight56 lbs
Bolt Mounting Circle3.625" x 5"
Timing Dimension B.T.D.C0.09"
Point Setting0.020"
Spark Plug Gap0.030"
Valve Seat Angle46 deg
Valve Clearance0.008" - 0.012"
Valve Seat Width0.042" - 0.052"
Valve Guide Oversize Dimension0.3432" - 0.3442"
Crankshaft End Play0.005" - 0.027"
Crankpin Journal Diameter1.1860" - 1.1865"
Crankshaft Main Bearing Diameter0.9985" - 0.9990"
Crankshaft P.T.O Main Bearing Diameter1.1870" - 1.1875"
Camshaft Bearing0.6230" - 0.6235"
Connecting Rod Diameter Crank Bearing1.1880" - 1.1885"
Piston Diameter Bottom of Skirt3.3090" - 3.3105"
Ring Groove Side Clearance Bottom Oil 1st and 2nd Comp.0.002" - 0.005"
Ring Groove Side Clearance Bottom Oil Bottom Oil0.010" - 0.020"
Piston Skirt Clearance0.0015" - 0.0040"
Ring End Gap0.010" - 0.020"
Cylinder Main Bearing1.0005" - 1.0010"
Cylinder Cover / Flange Main Bearing Diameter1.1890" - 1.1895"

Tecumseh HM100 Engine Exploded View

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35441A PTO View

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35420A PTO View

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37302 PTO View

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35372A PTO View

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Applications of Tecumseh HM100 Engines

MTD / American Yard Products – Roper (AYP)

Lawnmowers, Tillers, Yard Pro.  American Yard Products are manufacturer of products and supply to many brands including Roper, Poulan Pro, Craftsman, Poulan and Sears.  In 1988 the Huqvarna group bought out Roper corporation and renamed this arm of its business to American Yard Products.


Sno-Thro, Snowblowers, Snow King.  Ariens have been making the Sno-Thro snowblower since the 1960’s and used the HM100 engine to power the device for many years.

Coleman Powermate

Generators, Air Compressors.  Coleman Powermate developed a line of emergency generators powered by the HM100 engine, where the generator output is 4000W, 5000W and 5500W.

Garden Way / Bolens

Rototillers, mini-tillers, chipper, shredders, tractors.  In 2001 MTD acquired Garden way who built all the Troy-Bilt and Bolen’s garden and outdoor machines.  Tecumseh engines powered these products for many years.


Generators. Generac Power Systems have been producing portable generators for commercial and industrial markets for a number of years.  Examples of Generac Generator models with Tecumseh engines include the 6250 and 8795 models.

John Deere / Homelite Jacobsen

Tractors, Snowblowers.  Homelite Jacobsen created snowblowers with Tecumseh hm100 and hm80 engines.  They manufactured and supplied lawn and garden equipment and were a division of Textron until they were sold to John Deer.

Toro / Lawn Boy

Lawnmowers.  Lawn boy created small push lawn mowers powered by Tecumseh engines.  they were bought out by the Toro company in 1989.


Snow Throwers, Lawnmowers.  Murray have been producing snow throwers and lawn mowers since their creation and have used Tecumseh Engines to power such devices for many decades.


Snowblowers.  Simplicity was acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2005.  Prior to this all simplicity Snowblowers used HM100 Engines.


Snowblowers, riding mowers.  Snapper inc. is a company that specialises in lawn and snow equipment.  Snapper was owned by Simplicity prior to its acquisition by Brigs & Stratton.  Tecumseh engines were used to power snapper devices.