Tecumseh HM80

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Tecumseh hm80

The Tecumseh HM80 is a medium sizes horizontal 8 HP engine with Mechanical Compression Release. This engine contains a float carburettor with choke and bowl drain. The engine is started via an easy pull recoil starter and electronic CDI ignition system. The engine cylinder sleeve is cast iron and the muffler is aluminium.

The Tecumseh HM80 engine is used for snow blower, snow thrower, lawn mower and generator applications.While operating HM 80 engine it is advised that high quality and clean detergent should be used. High quality engine oil helps in getting smoother performance and longer life.

The fuel that is required to be used with the Tecumseh hm80 engine should be unleaded premium or unleaded regular fuel. You should avoid using leaded fuel as it can lead to severe damage from inside. With proper and regular usage of fuel and oil this engine can deliver optimum performance. This 8 Horse power engine offers 19.41 Cu in displacement and has got 26 Oz oil capacity.

In order to know more about the Tecumseh HM80 engine, you can refer to the diagram mentioned below

Bore & Stoke3.1250" x 3.125"
Displacement19.41 cu in
Oil Capacity26 oz
Weight56 lbs
Bolt Mounting Circle3.625" x 5"
Timing Dimension B.T.D.C0.09"
Point Setting0.020"
Spark Plug Gap0.030"
Valve Seat Angle46 deg
Valve Clearance0.008" - 0.012"
Valve Seat Width0.042" - 0.052"
Valve Guide Oversize Dimension0.3432" - 0.3442"
Crankshaft End Play0.005" - 0.027"
Crankpin Journal Diameter1.1860" - 1.1865"
Crankshaft Main Bearing Diameter0.9985" - 0.9990"
Crankshaft P.T.O Main Bearing Diameter1.1870" - 1.1875"
Camshaft Bearing0.6230" - 0.6235"
Connecting Rod Diameter Crank Bearing1.1880" - 1.1885"
Piston Diameter Bottom of Skirt3.1195" - 3.1205"
Ring Groove Side Clearance Bottom Oil 1st and 2nd Comp.0.002" - 0.005"
Ring Groove Side Clearance Bottom Oil Bottom Oil0.010" - 0.020"
Piston Skirt Clearance0.0045" - 0.0065"
Ring End Gap0.010" - 0.020"
Cylinder Main Bearing1.0005" - 1.0010"
Cylinder Cover / Flange Main Bearing Diameter1.1890" - 1.1895"

Tecumseh HM80 Engine Diagram


The Tecumseh HM80 has a number of applications including Yard Pro lawn mowers, Ariens Sno-Thro snow throwers, Coleman Powermate portable generators, Garden Way rototillers and mini-tillers, Bolen’s tractors and snowthrowers, and Generac generators. This website offers exploded parts lists for your HM80 engine.