Tecumseh carburetor float spring issue


There is a spring on the carb, which is just for a float. This float pin always run over it & tries to keeps a float from bouncing. Someone please help to locate a float spring. Moreover, how this spring connects the carburetor. I have tried a lot but no progress. Please share your suggestions



Hello Bill, this pin is called a needle controller. It has to move freely. Likewise, a spring should attached the needle controller to the float. Once the carb bowl is chockfull, a float pushes the needle controller up for shutting off the gas supply, which is flowing directly into it. Or else, it will continue dumping fuel into it up until it overspills. You can locate it only with the help of a carb engineer.

Tecumseh carburetor prime issues

Hi everyone,

My Tecumseh carburetor is not priming with fuel. I have replaced the fuel lines. Apparently, there are no noticeable signs of the problem. I have checked the diaphragms and gaskets both look ok. What is wrong with the carburetor?

Thank you so much for the guidance


Hi Joe,

Firstly, check the carb’s primer bulb. When it has a tinny leak or hole, it will not produce the pressure with which to draw the gas into them. Now prime the carburetor’s engine. Do ensure that the top of a carburetor with the primer bulb is attached firmly to the rest of carburetor for preventing any base drips by a primer bulb.

Tecumseh carburetor’s engine is not running

Hello All,

Someone please help as my Tecumseh carburetor’s engine is not running properly but it is not out of the gas. Moreover, whenever I try to start the carburetor it would not. The gas is also coming out from the air filter. I have taken off the carburetor bowl & float. Both appear to move properly. What else should I do?



Hi Jack,

The float in the carburetor may have the holes in it. I guess it is also overloading with gas. It is better to take it off & shake it thoroughly in order to check that either there is a gas in it or not & the float pin is not faulty. Apart from this, there is a possibility that float is stuck in the carburetor. You can remove a bowl to confirm that the float is going up & down easily.

Tecumseh carburetor hard starting

Hi Folks,

I have a three-year’s old Tecumseh carburetor. It worked well but now days; it is giving me a tough time especially when I try to start it. I have restarted it but all in vain. What is wrong with the carb? Has someone faced this issue previously?

Thanks in advance


Hi Adam, your carburetor is suffering from a problem of hard starting. It is regarded as another sign, which is generally associated with the failing or bad carburetor. The ratio of the air fuel which the carb is accountable for metering and blending is particularly significant & sensitive for the period of cold starts. When the carb faces a problem, which interrupts the ratio of air fuel then, it will definitely results in tough starting.  You are advised to get your carburetor checked by a professional engineer for detailed examination.

Tecumseh carburetor adjusting the main jet


Someone please the process of adjusting the main jet on the Tecumseh carburetor. I have tried to adjust it but I think I am lacking somewhere. So, please guide me accordingly.



Hi Greg,

It is very important to fine-tune the main jet properly as it adjusts the required amount of the fuel entering an airflow. High amount of the fuel can cause it to start or run rough & rich probably with smoke coming directly from a muffler. On the other hand, when fuel is not sufficient then, it will run lean & rough. Therefore, a perfect adjustment position of the main jet somewhere between lean & rich is considered as a smooth & properly running engine. Coming to your main point, you can adjust the main jet on your own therefore, it is better to call a carburetor engineer.

Tecumseh carburetor inlet needle controller issue

Hi Everybody,

I need your help on an issue regarding my Tecumseh carburetor. Actually, the float on the carb is not sinking. Due to this, I am unable to do my work. Your sincere suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi Rick,

Whenever you notice that the float on the car is not sinking, as it should be then, the real cause is leaking seat or inlet needle controller. This controller is inside a fuel bay port of a carb. You have to remove a float for getting into an inlet needle. You can find a seat under the needle. Sometimes, Tecumseh uses a tinny rubber donut sort of seal in order to seal the tip of a needle. It is important to note that when this seal is not installed properly then, it will drip all around the tip of a needle. In case, seal is enlarged, it will squeeze off a fuel flow not allowing fuel enter a float chamber. To conclude, in case you remove a seat, install the new one.

Tecumseh carburetor leakage of fuel

Hello Guys,

I have bought a H35-45589R Tecumseh engine on a snow blower with carb model 632378A.  From last few days, I am noticing that the carburetor is getting much fuel. The carb start & run well but after few minutes it starts dripping fuel. I have replaced the seat, needle and float along with a bowl seal. I have cleaned the carburetor as well for ensuring that nothing is sticking. Should I adjust the float? If yes, then please tell me the procedure of doing so.

Thanks for your help


Hi James,

The parts, which affect the fuel inlet directly to a float bowl, are seat, needle and float. If all these are working properly then the common reason of flooding is fragments in the fuel & as a result blocking an inlet needle a little open. Moreover, you have to adjust the floats properly.

Tecumseh carburetor backfires

Hi Everyone,

I have a 1997 snow blower with the Tecumseh HMSK100 engine. I use it rarely that is why it is still like brand new but few days back one of my relative borrowed it from me. From that day, it is not working properly. It always worked well but now I am facing several problems. Can someone tell me the baseline carburetor settings?

Looking for your help


Hi Anthony,

The adjustment on a bottom of the float bowl is known as the main jet. You have to adjust this in order to get high speed. Moreover, the one on a side is the adjustment of the low speed & the one on top is the adjustment of idle speed. It is advised to adjust the main jet directly at full choke. Apart from this, since the carb has been used rarely therefore, there is a chance of some gunk or blockage in the jet. Usually, it is not difficult to fix.

Tecumseh Carburetor fuel system problem

Hello Folks,

I have a four years old Toro lawn mower with the Tecumseh engine. I would like to share that the lawn mower starts & run well until the mower burns through a gas in the carb from priming & then after approximately one minute, it stutters & eventually stalls just as fuel is starved. The lawn mower has a new spark socket and fresh gas. What else should I do?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Rita,

After analyzing the above-mentioned information, it sounds like the main jet is clogged. Up in the filaments of the main jet is a small hole, which gets glazed shut. You can clean it with a piece of the wire from the twist tie. I hope that it will work for you.

Tecumseh carburetor floating issue

Hi All,

I own a Tecumseh Carburetor. It worked well but now I want a quick help regarding the carburetor. Someone please tell that what could be accountable for putting the fuel in the carburetor before its engine starts working.



Hi Smith, the most likely reason behind this is “malfunctioning float”. Unluckily, the only solution of checking this out properly is to take out the carb carefully, clean it & disassemble it. Moreover, an issue with a float is also expected to cause flooding while trying to run the engine. You have to inspect the adjustment on the float pin. You might have to buy a new one.