Tecumseh carburetor inlet needle controller issue

Hi Everybody,

I need your help on an issue regarding my Tecumseh carburetor. Actually, the float on the carb is not sinking. Due to this, I am unable to do my work. Your sincere suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


Hi Rick,

Whenever you notice that the float on the car is not sinking, as it should be then, the real cause is leaking seat or inlet needle controller. This controller is inside a fuel bay port of a carb. You have to remove a float for getting into an inlet needle. You can find a seat under the needle. Sometimes, Tecumseh uses a tinny rubber donut sort of seal in order to seal the tip of a needle. It is important to note that when this seal is not installed properly then, it will drip all around the tip of a needle. In case, seal is enlarged, it will squeeze off a fuel flow not allowing fuel enter a float chamber. To conclude, in case you remove a seat, install the new one.