Tecumseh Carburetor Parts

Tecumseh is one of the leading manufacturers as well as a supplier of small engines that are used in machines such as snow throwers/blowers, lawn mowers, tillers and many different types of garden maintenance equipment. One of the best parts about Tecumseh parts is that these are of high quality and everything is completely genuine. However, due to excessive use and wear and tear these machines and parts become old and require seasonal as well as periodic maintenance.

In order to replace the old carburetor parts with the new one, you must correctly identify the parts. We can help you with that as we provide parts lookup table and you can even order your parts through us.

Tecumseh Parts Lookup

If you are looking for a perfect repair and maintenance solutions for your Tecumseh machines and carburetors, then this is the right place to log in. We at Tecumsehcarburetorguide.com provide complete details about Tecumseh parts Lookup . In order to ensure proper and systematic maintenance you need to get complete access to the parts lookup table, diagrams and flowcharts. We offer all these facilities and the best part is that every piece of information provided by us genuine and valid.

At times people are not able to fetch the required part detail or are not able to find the exact replacement part. Now, you don’t have to worry about all this as we can help you in fetching the required part with complete ease. All you need to do is to fill up the contact us form with details about the information and our professionals will contact you back with required details and much needed information.

One of the important things is to utilize the authentic engine parts so that you can avoid any technical issue. With the help of detailed lookup tables, you can find the part that you are looking for. With easy and systematic approach you get the best results and perfect answer to your search. You can also search for parts that are being used in commercial as well as domestic machines. In order to ease up your search for parts make sure correct and valid codes are entered.

Another best part about the guide offered by us is that you can see in-depth parts detail of every Tecumseh carburetor that is available. It is always good to choose the exact carburetor after getting specific details from this guide. Apart from carburetor there many more engine parts that are required to be repaired or serviced and without troubleshooting and maintenance tips you can easily do that. Now get optimum performance out of the Tecumseh equipment by ensuring correct parts replacement.

Series# 1 Carburetor

This series includes two types and are called as two cycle and four cycle. Both of these types of carburetors have got horizontal as well as vertical engines. These engines are available with 2 HP to 4HP power. Series #1 carburetor can be easily distinguished as they come with an adjustable idle in some models and has a small venture space.

Series # 2

Every outboard engine uses Series # 2 carburetors and are very small in size. These carburetors come with a built in fuel pump and inside this special fuel pump a unique element is present which inflates and deflates.


Series # 3 and Series #4

Power Engines with 8 to 12.5 HP capacity uses this series of carburetors. The unique thing about these carburetors is that they have got a large venture space which is big as compared to series 1, series 2 and dual system carburetors.

Vector Carburetors

These carburetors have got a single piece aluminum body and are mainly float feed and non-adjustable float feed device. One of the best things about Vector carburetors is that these are very easy to repair. Most of its parts such as nozzle, fuel bowl, float bowl, needle, Venturi, seat and emulsion tubes are of high quality and can be easily serviced as well as repaired. Another best thing about this device that it can be repaired without taking it outside the machine.

Series # 6

Two and four cycle engines uses Series #6 carburetors and comes with large venture space. The idle system that is being utilized is very simple. Carburetors used by both these engines are same in size and appearance. However, in order to distinguish between them you need to check for a special “L” stamp on two cycle carburetor as well as an extension of a spring and two passes out of the carburetor’s body.

Series # 7

Medium sized engines with vertical shaft, use Series #7 carburetors and the best part about this carburetor is that it can be easily serviced as well as maintained. In order to do so, you need to check with the diagram and parts lookup table available with our online guide. There is no need to remove the device out of the engine and you can repair it as it is.


Some more carburetors such as Series 8,9,10 and 11 carburetors are also available and are used for a wide variety of applications.

Some common reasons why carburetors stop working. Analyzing the reasons for failure of a Tecumesh carburetor is very easy.

In order to find the exact reasons for carburetors that are not working you need to ensure checking of few steps such as :

You need to check if there is any damaged idle or damaged main mixture adjusting needle. Normally these needles come with a taper that gets spoiled after excessive use.

You also need to check for water contamination as it may lead to rust on the delicate internal components of the carburetor. You need to see if there is a repair or replacement that is required.

Another main reason why the engine stops working is because of the evaporation and oxidation of the fuel when been stored for a longer period of time.

At times, due to fuel storage for a longer period of time different problems occur, such a formation of resins, varnish and gums which may clog the gas pipes.

All of these issues can be easily resolved by following our repair manual and you must remember this thing that Tecumseh is one of the leading brands that is famous for its high quality products. This company offers amazing engine parts such as Tecumseh carburetors that are available in many sizes, shapes and models, enough to fulfill the needs of every individual.