Tecumseh carburetor backfires

Hi Everyone,

I have a 1997 snow blower with the Tecumseh HMSK100 engine. I use it rarely that is why it is still like brand new but few days back one of my relative borrowed it from me. From that day, it is not working properly. It always worked well but now I am facing several problems. Can someone tell me the baseline carburetor settings?

Looking for your help


Hi Anthony,

The adjustment on a bottom of the float bowl is known as the main jet. You have to adjust this in order to get high speed. Moreover, the one on a side is the adjustment of the low speed & the one on top is the adjustment of idle speed. It is advised to adjust the main jet directly at full choke. Apart from this, since the carb has been used rarely therefore, there is a chance of some gunk or blockage in the jet. Usually, it is not difficult to fix.