Tecumseh carburetor leakage of fuel

Hello Guys,

I have bought a H35-45589R Tecumseh engine on a snow blower with carb model 632378A.  From last few days, I am noticing that the carburetor is getting much fuel. The carb start & run well but after few minutes it starts dripping fuel. I have replaced the seat, needle and float along with a bowl seal. I have cleaned the carburetor as well for ensuring that nothing is sticking. Should I adjust the float? If yes, then please tell me the procedure of doing so.

Thanks for your help


Hi James,

The parts, which affect the fuel inlet directly to a float bowl, are seat, needle and float. If all these are working properly then the common reason of flooding is fragments in the fuel & as a result blocking an inlet needle a little open. Moreover, you have to adjust the floats properly.